Who the …is This?

So I’ve already mentioned recently that I have a modest number of followers, most likely from posting everything to my facebook page. But here’s where it gets annoying, most of the people who read this know who I am. I divulge almost as much information via my blogging world as I have in my diary. It’s really not fair that people can just post little nods of encouragement and not give me any clue of who they are. Okay, so some of you have… but I have three comments from someone who may or may not be the same person. It’s infuriating. While the first two comments were simply a “liken the blog. keep it up.” and a “:)” the final comment says “now all you’re missing in your life is me.”

You can’t post that to me and just keep your identity a secret!!

Anyway the email is equally frustrating as it is listed as no@no.com. I’m pretty sure this simply means the person posting decided not to leave a way to further contact, I think we can assume, himself. If he keeps this up I’ll seriously consider deleting his comments both past and prior. Anyway whoever you are I’m quite interested to discover your identity. Give me some clues…


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