New Things

I am now typing behind a brand new laptop. My dad bought it for me as a back to school present. My mom gave me a super amazing set of speakers. I haven’t figured out how to get all of them to produce sound yet (maybe look up directions after this). Mom will be starting school soon so I want to find her a special gift. It seems hard to believe but she’s been teaching for 10 years. I still have about a month, school starts the 8th of September!…….

….Which reminds me I need to pay the 20 something dollars that isn’t covered in financial aid. I’ve already bought all of my books and read most of them either entirely or about half-way through. I am still dreaming of school quite a bit, among other things, so I must be pretty excited to start. Who dreams of doing homework, I’m such a dork.

It’s looking pretty depressing on the boy front. Ned is as distant as ever and I really would be over him if I could find someone better looking. No such luck. Wow, I just distracted myself for the past twenty minutes. Now I don’t know what I was going to say. Hannah and Jenna recently got texting for their phones so I was happy about that. Now I can bug them while they are at work. Rebecca just came home from an amazing trip in Europe she gave me some of her foreign money, I collect.

I just remembered that I haven’t mentioned my dad’s new dog, Winston. he’s a goofy somewhat grouchy basset hound. I’m taking care of him on Tuesdays and Thursdays, this comes with a generous donation to my small wallet. He tried to bite me when I first met him but a couple of treats and some walks have gained me his trust, I can now pat him on the head.

I was hoping to gain access to the Pottermore website but so far it’s still closed and I’m running out of reasons to stay in Starbucks. Quite separate from this I am happy to say I’ve paid off most of my credit card meaning that once I pay my mom back for some miscellaneous items I can apply for my passport and buy running shoes. The latter I need so I can work off the belly fat I’ve acquired.Well I can’t think of anything else so write about…

Oh yeah, and my cat Polly-Esther has cancer, sad face 😦


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