The Very Next Year

I’m pleased to announce that my blog has been open for just over a year. The first post was on June 20 and I only just noticed that my entry, Fireworks followed shortly after which prompted me to check how long I have been writing. Despite my delight I am not so well. I’ve had two nights of very poor sleep and woke up feeling sick and in a cold sweat. I’m not sure if its from up late reading or the large amount of popcorn and candy I consumed while doing so. Something tells me it’s the later. Anyway now I have a craving for yummy bread and roast beef.

On top of the upset stomach and a headache I absolutely hate the bells that toll every few hours in the morning. I live close to a church and why they were ringing today I don’t know. Maybe they ring every morning I don’t remember. Anyway I much preferred the sound of the train going by in the middle of the night which I used to hear when I was living in my mom’s house. It wouldn’t be that bad except there’s always some off-tune melody playing that goes on for an eternity.

Before my bad sleeping I was having very vivid dreams. It almost felt like real life. I was just doing ordinary things like going to work or school but it’s uncommon for me to so much as remember my dreams. That’s the other weird thing I keep dreaming that I’m in high school again.

My life has been pretty boring but my mom did have a large pile of rocks delivered to her house. She’s been working hard outside laying the gravel. It’s now under the side of the house and our deck. She wants to put them all behind the garage too. As I’ve been writing my cute dogs are cuddled up on the bed and the floor. They are so adorable. Plans for the week look like waiting for a package tomorrow and I’m going to see A Midnight in Paris at the Neon with my mom.

Happy Fourth of July


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