I am a logical person. I have zero expectations for the extraordinary, because my life seems to be a continual series of uneventful events. I’m either doing just fine or I’m in some crazy funk I can’t find the end of. It’s fine. I don’t really mind crossing the days off the calendar, working my way through book after book or of spending entire days stretched out in front of the TV. Then I watch movies that make me look pathetic. The people always seem to have endless cool events to attend and I wonder if this is how most people live. I am a home-body to begin with, I like to just read for hours but could my life be more? I’ve got to start finding a reason to get up before 11 am. I suppose I feel like I am standing at the edge of something big. As if my life is nearly ready to make a boom forward, I sit waiting to get that perfect boyfriend and find a bunch of money in my couch to pay for a car.

Truthfully, I don’t really need a car. Sure it would be nice to not be limited to grocery stores that are within walking distance and I can’t say I love taking the bus to school. I don’t hate it either. In a way the ride works it takes me right to my favorite coffee shop and I don’t have to pay for gas or insurance.

On the upside this blogging is going really well. A surprisingly large number of people seem to check in. It makes me happy that even a small percentage of people who I consider friends read what I’m saying. It also makes me wonder if certain someone’s read it and think I am completely crazy. Oh well, if they do. They suck, to read it and say nothing.

I just finished reading a biography of Julia Child. I was surprised to learn that she was so vastly different from me. She is known for her cooking and yet was not a natural-born cook. I on the other-hand woke up one day decided I loved cooking and found it as natural as breathing. I can pick out just about anything and make something of it. I like that she worked so hard to be as good as she was. It was funny, the last chapter of the book talked about how homophobic she was.

Random…I’ve got to stop watching romantic comedies. They are really starting to depress me. I just ate an entire bag of cherries.


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