I am sitting here at my computer writing. I don’t have anything to write about but here I am. It’s been too long since my last post. At least three months. I decided that even as there is little to tell I should say something. I’ve noticed that the more I write the more there is to tell. So here’s what’s happened in my less than extraordinary life.

I cut my hair and dyed it blond to be dramatic. In the next week or so I would like to cut off what remains of it, resorting to my pixie cut, an old standby. I have more school because I got sick and had to drop classes… again. I moved to my own apartment after living with my mom turned out to have difficulties without some sisters to back me up. I love my new home and hopefully will get around to decorating eventually. Work is the same as ever mostly consisting of making salad. I’m not currently dating anyone and enjoy taking myself out to lunch etc.

So that’s my life. Not very interesting, huh? It seems like I go in cycles, I must join some cool person club to pass the time. Apologies for my total lack of fascinating information.


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