You know there aren’t any rules about this game anyway. Everyone plays a little differently. A few years ago Jenna and I created a better way to play. It took a lot longer, but I think the results are more realistic. Pay attention to the colors.


1. Peach

2. Chai

3. Psycho John

4. Curly

Favorite Food

1. Whipped Cream

2. Italian

3. Strawberries

4. Green Beans!!


1. Porsche

2. Civic

3. Motorcycle

4. Jaguar

Strange Fetish

1. Pretentious

2. Shy

3. Whistling

4. Weird Laugh

Marital Status

1. Single

2. Dating Ugly Girl

3. Gay

4. Desperate

Favorite Class

1. Astronomy

2. Art

3. Anglish

4. Study Hall

Want Kids?

1. Yes

2. No

3. Maybe

4. Hell No!

Movie Genre

1. Action

2. Comedy

3. Horror

4. Chick Flick


1. Bagging Groceries

2. Hard Working

3. Frisbee

4. No Skills

Striking Feature

1. Eyes

2. Jaw-Line

3. Toes

4. Hair


Perhaps  (H)

Not a Chance (S)

Highly Unlikely (A)

OH yes!  (M)


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