Another Humane Disaster

On my run today with Io, my dog, I was ready to cry. The white-tailed deer population in our city has grown to an unhealthy level, according to the park rangers. The solution is to shoot older deer and leave more space for what is left of their dwindling population. I don’t wish for any of the wildlife to suffer through a harsh winter without food or shelter. Io and I spotted seven young deer in the front yard of a large home. While I love my home and our city is one that tries to make environmental advances, I am not proud of my fellow people.

What will be next? Too often people choose themselves over the rest of God’s creatures. Even a serpent has a use in the world. We take up the majority of space on and off the planet, yet no one is allowed to suggest we line up all the old people in a line and shoot them. Of course this idea is completely wrong, so where does it become okay to butcher all the livestock, put them on steroids, and sell them in exchange for a few shiny ink stamped green papers?

The United States jests of abolishing human slavery. Where is the payment for the innocent blood spilled by the rest of the Animal Kingdom? We have cut our way to the top of the food-chain. If we are honest with ourselves then there must be changes. We need to rezone the empty parking lots and tear down old ugly buildings. We have to start thinking about what is right and what is easy.

American’s claim they need new jobs. Create a job. Start fresh and hire gardening experts and landscape architects to plan revitalization of previous urban areas. If you have an education you better stop filing for unemployment. There is plenty of work for all of us. Education is a privilege not a guarantee. You are replaceable…meaning the world is still going to live on with or without you.

Stop complaining about how much your life sucks or is unfair. I’ll tell you what is unfair, working my a** off so you can sit back with a bowl of popcorn watching satellite television from you in-home movie theatre!

Sorry, I was a little carried away. We were talking about deer. Have you ever thought that maybe the population of humans is greater than the recommended average per square mile?


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