It is probably obvious by now that I mostly talk about my sisters. We all grew up so fast it’s hard to believe even Hannah made it to her second quarter of college. It is unfortunate that someone always misses out.

The rest of my family, including my mom, fails to recognize one more important person. She’s not the typical big sister. Vanessa is my eldest sister but she never really had a life. Within 7 months of her birth she was found ill without much explanation. Today, maybe someone could find better reasons but it was simply stated as SIDs.

It was not my parents fault, she was rushed to the best hospital in the area. I can not imagine the grief of loosing a child, but I know that death of any loved one is hard. No one can really have enough time to prepare for that. The important part is that if you are still on Earth, you are luckier than most.

I can honestly say that in our darkest moments someone is up there watching to catch your every fall. Chalk it up to God or your latest Dali Lama but life is not designed to continue without new life. Every day new stars are born. They all start out in something scientists like to call nebula, and the plural is nebulae (not proper to use s’s). Sorry that was rude to assume you don’t know that.

So this new year is just another lap around the sun. Vanessa’s favorite flowers are lilacs. She chain smokes because she already died, it’s not like anyone could kill her. Her skin is pale because she wears a lot of sunblock. The last time I checked her hair was platinum blond and the cool blue in her eyes is like ice. Swimming and Ice Skating over Lake Winnipesaukee are just two of her many talents. Most of all she is patient and keeps lighting candles so all our wishes come true.

It is not a myth to love those that you never really knew.


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