Oracles and Philosophy

I am in no way superstitious. When I read something but don’t understand, I search for an explanation. I believe that phenomena are nothing more than unseen forces. When I decided to take a comparative religion’s class in high school I did not expect to hear of my present, past and future.

It is not uncommon to hear private schools offer better education, but we may all be fooled. Growing up I attended three very different schools. The first, a private Christian school, stressed the importance of worship and duty to a higher power. Most subjects followed the state laws requirements, a few did not. Science was limited to the beliefs of the church. Only Creation was taught. The Bible was taken literally, even though there were fallacies. I was lead to believe I must marry within my parent’s chosen religion, that independent belief was illogical. For a long time these ideas conflicted with my conscience, so I questioned myself and the Earth answered.

After fourth grade I began attending a Catholic school. For two years my sisters and I learned about labyrinths, Holy Days of Obligation and don’t forget Poker. I was introduced to the word “religion.” For the first time in my life my science teacher explained evolution without bias or cynicism. I dissected worms,  starfish and frogs.The students misbehaved, back-talked, and left teachers burned out. However, the new knowledge was exciting and most importantly it made sense.

The spring before seventh grade, my parents sold our house. A week later a man, enraged because his wife left him, shot people at random from his basement on the east side of our old street. Our new home, located in a wealthy suburban area, was a tiny brick house. You might say I experienced culture shock. The first day of class I was amazed that none of the teachers started screaming over a riotous crowd. I was happy to find the majority of my classmates were kind and willing to help me find my way around the school. I joined the cross-country team. The first two days I came home so exhausted that I couldn’t walk. I literally crawled up and down the stairs. I toughed it out and our girls team regularly ran at the state level.

Elective courses were offered and although I found many that were fascinating, comparative religions and creative writing, were at the top of my list. As part of the comparative religion class we were asked to attend church, mass, temple…even fortune tellers. From my background I was already familiar with church and mass. I wanted to go somewhere out of my element. There are so many different beliefs, but Oracles have always pricked my curiosity. A tarot card reading and three yes or no questions were under $30. I guess you probably want to know what she said. I would tell, but then my future may change. Who is to say any of it is a real prediction or not?