Pre-Harry Potter Jitters

I just announced my most embarrassing secret about Harry Potter in my Facebook status. Yes, it’s out. I wrote Daniel Radcliffe a bit. Actually… that’s an understatement. I had an entire Journal for him.  My first journal entry is not directed toward him at all. In fact, originally, I was psyched to use my new gel pens on some black paper.

Anyway, the first entry was dated June 27, 2002. The last just few short years later, January 12, 2006. Talk about a creeper! Honestly, it all started with my eldest sister, Rebecca, who casually noted he was a cutie. In 2002 I was almost 14 years old. So at least I’m not a cradle-robber. For those of you who don’t know (i.e. most of you), Daniel’s birthday is July 23, 1989 (if I remember correctly). Only about a 6 month delay.

Although I frequently started my journal entries in “Dear Daniel” format it was not always about my love for him. There are photos of him posted on the sides. More often I would complain that my GPA had fallen to a shameful 3.375 (April 30, 2003), surmised that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has a typo where the bush Harry hides in is originally a Hydrangea but mysteriously changes to Begonias (January 10, 2004), or reporting that I attended a Howie Day and Gavin DeGraw concert (July 14, 2005). Perhaps, the begonias were just in front of the hydrangea… and Harry stepped on the flowers on his way out.

The diary consists of a long line of people I liked. Not naming anyone. By the time I stopped writing the entries,they were not really meant for him. I had fewer and fewer entries and the final entry is nearly six months apart. It is the 3rd of now 5 journals. The very last page consists of doodles, very similar to the first page and probably drawn close to the same time. I never finished using all the pages. Typo’s were frequent, not by my lack of eloquence, but rather the low quality of my gel pens.

I end with a short letter stating it included many silly notes and so… a new diary began. Since I love my little sister so much I am waiting to attend Harry Potter 7.1 until we are together before Thanksgiving. XO’s for all you Harry Potter Lovers!

( In case you didn’t believe that story)


5 thoughts on “Pre-Harry Potter Jitters

  1. begonias are flowers, whereas hydrangea is a bush. I believe she was just noting additional landscaping that was around his hiding place hehe

    1. I’m pretty sure I already clarified that with you but okay. It’s one of my favorites too…despite the fact that this makes me a total creeper

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