Pet Peeves

  1. Dry Elbows. I cannot understand why its so hard for people to use lotion once in a while. Even worse if they are dirty also.
  2. Impatient Drivers. We are all trying to get somewhere. What makes it okay for you to swerve in and out of traffic like a psycho?
  3. Over-cooked Vegetables. If you want to turn your veggies brown at home that’s fine. However, most vegetables can be eaten raw or with quick steaming. In the case that veggies will be reheated later (probably in a microwave), they should be bright so people will actually want to buy them.
  4. Terms of Endearment (Pet Names). I’m not your babe, and I am definitely not a snugglebear. It’s fine if you use funny names as a joke. I myself like calling my dogs sugar-muffin, chicken-pie, turkey-noodle, pumpkin or “fill-in-your-dog’s-name” peach. If you seriously don’t want to call me by my first name then my mother calls me Beanie (like a beanie baby :).
  5. Loud people in Libraries or the Movies. This really irks me…like the man sharing a table with me right now! Keeps laughing, talking aloud to himself, stretching, and exaggerating the clearing of his throat (and possibly passing gas). He does this after he repeatedly bugged me about others doing such things. I think I’m gonna have to pick a new spot for the next two hours. Headphones are up full blast…
  6. Stupid Questions. “Can I kiss you?” “No! Either do it or forget about it.” Way to ruin the mood.
  7. Smoking. Eeww!
  8. Bluetooth. Last time I checked talking to yourself is a sign of insanity.
  9. Bread Getting Stuck to the roof of my mouth. It gets stuck to your teeth too and then the only way to get it off is to use your finger, using your tongue just makes it soggy and more stuck.

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