Fortunes…to be continued

I’m sure there are many collectors. These are my favorites!

“You will be unusually successful in business”

“Be yourself, and you will always be in style”

“For a good cause, wrongdoing may be virtuous” (rebellious?)

“A happy lot awaits you in matrimony” (lets hope not very soon)

“A friend asks only for time, not money”

“Turn off your cell phone” (yeah, do that)

“Step on the cracks” (i do this all the time)

“There are good times ahead of you”

“Money-luck is good next month”

“A thrilling time is in your immediate future”

“Saturday and Sunday stack odds in your favor”

“This is a month of opportunities, but you must stay alert”

“Place confidence in a personal relationship” (had this one 3 or 4 times)

“Call your mom”

“Financial security is just around the corner”

“Make no rash moves now”

“Soon you will encounter a whole new world of opportunity”

“Nothing is certain but the unforeseen”

“You will be showered with good luck”

“You have a yearning for perfection”

“An unexpected windfall will be yours”

“The strengths in your character will bring you serenity”

“Good news will be brought to you by mail”

“Your social life could be glamorous and rewarding now”

“You will step on the soil of many countries”

“Your ability to pick a winner will bring you success”


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