“Little Women”

Growing up with three sisters is sometimes a little tough. We’ve rarely had more than one bathroom in our house so getting ready for school was always very structured. If we wanted to shower in the morning we agreed the eldest was given the first choice and no one was given more than fifteen minutes. Being second to youngest I preferred to take showers at night most of the time.

Although we would yell and pull each-others hair out, the majority of my childhood memories are positive. Neighbors would tell my mom how lovely it was to hear us all singing in the backyard. We would make home videos ranging from dances choreographed by Rebecca, imitations from movies or creating plays entirely made up from our own imagination. Unfortunately most of these recordings are lost.

Singing was always a favorite. At least that’s what I think. Jenna made up words for songs, like fasinina, I’m not really sure how she spells that. In addition, Jenna wrote many books, supposedly based on her dreams. I don’t know anyone who has such vivid dreams. Every morning at breakfast she would share her dreams with us. Some dreams she wrote down. “The McCarthy’s Castle” and “Doctor Worm” were ones she must still have in a box somewhere.

Without a doubt our other favorite thing to do was “dress-up.” We had an entire box filled with vintage clothes. It was always about getting dressed for a ball or some fancy outing. We would pretend we were characters from our favorite movies. Of course by the time we finished getting ready none of us cared to act anything out. The whole point of dressing up was to continually change our appearance as soon as we found something we liked.

Many of the movie stars we chose to admire were very much like ourselves. In Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Rebecca was Liza, Jenna was Dorcas, I was Sarah and Hannah (being the youngest) was Alice. Meet Me in St. Louis! is Hannah’s favorite Musical. She knew the entire dance and called this beloved movie “Dun Dun.” Since we are all girls we definitely had to improvise at times. We tried to take turns being the boy and if we were “kissing” each other one of us would put our hand between our mouths as to not swap germs.

The list of other movies goes on. My mom is also one of three sisters, although not as close as me and my sisters turned out. She has a very old copy of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women and I think in a way we are very much like them. I remember before the movie came out my mom read to us before bedtime. We made it about halfway through but never did finish. It’s always been an unwritten rule in my family to only watch movies after you read the book. This was an exception.

Above all else, we are the modern day March girls. We even grew up in Massachusetts (and New Hampshire). Hannah was the only one born in Massachusetts but I felt that was my home most of the time before settling into Ohio. I suppose the snow was my favorite thing, I remember feeling very disappointed when the snow barely covered the ground. We must have watched Little Women every week.

So that’s where I leave you. I have to go to a meeting for work. Good-day!


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