Letter to the “Citizen”

“Concerned citizen” struck me as angry, overly dramatic, and paranoid. “Citizen” I know that some parts of government are flawed and Medicare can be frustrating. As someone who was recently hospitalized and watched as my mom sorted out hours of insurance issues over the phone, it is obviously enough to send a monk into madness. Newsflash, it is not the responsibility of Big or Small government to wipe your behind. Many people automatically blame government, this is illogical. You have individual responsibilities that are not part of the government’s job. Government does not always meet our every need but they try to create the best results to those that take interest in them.

As for your other concerns my answers are simple. The environment is a growing problem, whether or not you acknowledge it. For anyone who is going to be around for an additional fifty years or more our livelihood depends on a cleaner planet. Without cleaner renewable resources and some science to help reverse the effects of the industrial revolution, the temperature alone will likely kill us off. Unless we adapt through either scientific or extraordinary evolutionary phenomena this home will no longer be the haven it once was. Do some research before you make untrue statements about our Big Government.

It blows my mind that you would discourage the exploration of our surrounding environment. First, I’m fairly certain that most of the money used for exploration is from generous philanthropists, not our taxes. Your so called “science” is actually saving peoples lives. As the daughter of a scientist I know they do a lot of controversial things but also benefit society greatly. Without science the amount of meat you consume in a year, provided you’re neither vegan nor entirely independent of Big Government’s subsidized food sources due to the irrational fear of intentional poisoning, would be significantly less. Science invented animal husbandry that yields better and bigger animals in less time. Specifically, thanks to Big Government you have an American lamb that is twice the size of anything you’ll find in European countries.

As for your comment on the roads and communist writers I’m not even responding to that. Back to your space issues….I suggest you build your space ship, if you actually have the money and genius, the latter of which I doubt, so you can get off this ball of dirt and rid us all of your lunacy and obvious need for something to do.


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