Its funny, I’ve had this piece of paper for a few months where I write names I like. When I first started it I couldn’t think of any masculine names. It was just a big list of girls, then when I read about something and find one I like I write it down. The irony that I should write this post today is that just five minutes ago I overheard a conversation on just this subject. Not one second before, I pulled out my earphones, searched for the paper, and prepared to type my current finalists.

I’ve got several issues with certain groups of names. First, there are people named after months or seasons. When I hear of May or a June I resist the urge to cringe. April’s and November’s make me wonder if those girls have a tendency to cry a lot or chill the room with an icy demeanor. Other people seem to choose words rather then names. For example, Levi will leave everyone thinking about a pair of bleached jeans from the 80’s. Most disappointing are the cross-gender names. I sympathize for the  huge percentage of the population facing regular uncertainty for their specific gender during role calls. The stunning fact that so many parents choose to name their spawn after themselves is not only confusing but somewhat narcissistic.

So now that you know a few general guidelines I choose to follow when selecting names lets break down my favorites.We’ll start with the girls. Savannah may in fact be more appealing than any others. It rolls off the tongue so smoothly. Also the pronunciation is key. You can say it to make it rhyme with Hannah and Anna. My preference is Sawvaunaah. There is somehow a regal twist to the latter choice. Charlotte is lovely but I feel it’s become more popular lately and so it’s slightly less appealing. There are a lot of names ending in a‘s perhaps because culturally those are considered the most feminine. All my sister’s and myself have names ending in a (or at least the sound a). Of this group I like Viola, Adela, Eva, and Isabella. Some names seem more appropriate for middle names like Echo, Lily, Hazel and Yvette. My mother’s name is Mishal and so I think this name will be repeated as a first or second name in later generations. It is simply pronounced as a variation of Michelle. However, I like my mother’s unique spelling, it makes up for the commonality of it. Juliet, Audrey and Naomi remain names I would choose should all my sisters marry before me and steal the previously stated choices. Girls run in our family and perhaps that explains my ease to find so many I consider beautiful.

The boys list is slightly shorter. I break my rule just once of transgendered names. Haley is the only name that I would allow if my husband insisted we choose something of a toss up in the classroom. I know what you’re thinking…it’s really feminine. Am I trying to condemn my child to gay jokes and bullying? Yes, absolutely, everyone needs to be humbled somehow. No I’m not that cruel, but I think have a harboring desire for my children to resemble Haley Joel Osment.  Come on you can’t argue with that face. Vincent is the newest favorite choice. Something always brings me back to those short names too. Max, Luke, Jack, Ned, Owen. Not surprisingly I use these if I need to cover up a real name or they were simply appealing to me regardless of friends or acquaintances. I like Liam, Norman and Nathaniel for a myriad of reasons. Maybe it’s because they sound classic or from a generation outside of my own. Oh, and Nathaniel is the only one I would definitely use a nickname for, Nat. Nat is the only boy in my mother’s direct family side and it lends itself to the short and sweet.

It just took an hour to write this. There is bliss in enjoying the fall for the first time since I was eight. That was third grade and over ten years ago. I’m not old enough to say ten years ago. Okay, I’m shutting up, go jump in some leaves!


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