Guess where I am right now. Okay, it’s a bit obvious, killing time in Starbucks is my lame excuse for refusing to make new friends. I’m starting to get bored with my recently simplified life. It’s officially the beginning of four years in and out of college. I’m not stupid, just a few health problems that like to arise in times of extreme stress. I’m stuck in Ohio for as long as it takes to finish my culinary arts degree, which should be in about two quarters as long as I only take the required classes. Culinary degrees vary widely depending on the location and most programs would leave me no choice but to start all over….definitely not happening.

My life runs smoothly for a couple of years and then…BOOM!!! I’ve been attacked by some crazy life-changing event. It’s not like I didn’t ask for it, see Fireworks, I just have the feeling that God wants to make success nearly impossible. It could always be worse. I haven’t lost my job or been kicked out of Sinclair. Work plans still continue with DLM for a few years and travel as a means for more experience. This sounds old fashioned but I would really like being a stay at home mother someday. That’s assuming I find someone within my picky qualifications for a husband and break my current dependence on my mother. All of these goals seem achievable but far away. I want to enjoy time moving slow. Two years flew by and I can’t help wondering if I missed something more important.

Bloggossiping aside, I find relief in the fact I am still young and maybe someday I will have more to talk about than myself. Sure I can give advice to friends, but when its time for me to take a big risk I fight the urge to run and hide.


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