Please, Disconnect

American’s today should be ashamed of how much TV and internet surfing we do in a single day. Without any evidence to back this up I would venture to guess that most of us spend at least an hour everyday checking our email or updating our Facebook status. So my question is, how do we compare to other countries? How many people own laptops of their own here as opposed to our neighbors. I for one don’t entirely understand our constant need to stay connected with people throughout the entire day. Pretty soon Americans will be unable to sleep because it would be rude to miss a phone call even if its 3 in the morning. This technology bombardment is completely unnecessary. While the majority of humans finds it perfectly acceptable to turn the computer off, heaven forbid turn their cell phone off or simply refuse to answer the telephone because its inconvenient at the moment, the United States is convinced that life would fall apart if we could not return a call before someone has finished leaving a message on your voice-mail. But isn’t this the exact purpose of voice-mail? The pleasure of knowing someone can inform you of something and then you get back to them when dinner is over.

I’m convinced that in addition to our OCD about our high tech, PDA/cell/mp3/computer/camera we have further slipped into the workaholic role.  This seems absolutely impossible because I’m not really sure we are actually working. Americans would be healthier if we spent a little less time at work and a little more time working-out. It should be a law that everyone exercise for 30 minutes a day. One half hour. Is that all that much. You are probably already sweating in your seat right now because the air conditioner is not quite powerful enough to dispel the heat generated by the computer. At least running around the block would help burn a few more calories and justify the chocolate chip cookie you ate at your lunch break.

So this is what perplexes me…. How is it that a super power of the world is both working overtime and still finding time to be lazy? That doesn’t make any sense. I guess I am frustrated that people care enough to make a clever remark at someone’s expense but can’t walk with a friend to the library for the simple satisfaction that they have done something healthy for once. If we don’t change now then it will only be harder to live the life where it is okay to take a vacation in the middle of no-particular-time just because you need time off. I want Americans to be proud of who they are but there is nothing to show for it if we continue to abuse ourselves.

Get healthy today…not next week.


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