My Nose Knows

Every time the weather changes I get a bloody nose. Okay, sick but get over it. My point is that because I am so sensitive, even my body picks up on things quicker than the weathermen. This isn’t actually that impressive seeing as the weather is always wrong on TV. Still it was a great relief. I am usually content with whatever the weather chooses to be, but this summer was blazing. Sure enough, last week I got my bloody nose (around Wednesday, I think). The following night I noticed how cool things got after the sun went down. According to my mom, she thinks it may have to do with the barometric pressure, but I’m no scientist.

I am pretty sure bloody noses are seen negatively to the majority of the population. Although I would not say I enjoy them, there is something exciting about knowing we are headed for a new season without having to check the news (or rely on when it happened last year).

So like the seasons change, so do my plans and moods. Plans, up until now were to travel next year after completing my associates degree. Mood (if you read Waiting Room), was confused and anxious. Now I have decided that continuing my education in a bachelor’s program may be the best route. I have plenty of time to see the world, but I don’t want to be in school when everyone else already settled into comfortable, stable, and secure lives. Also I don’t want to feel old amongst all the other students.

So where might I go, you could ask? So far it is slim pickings for bachelor programs in the culinary field. However, I am enthusiastic about Johnson & Wales University. They offer the college life I have missed out on by choosing a community college. By no means do I have any remorse for staying close to home, and let me tell you how nice it is to graduate without thousands of dollars to repay. There are times when the thousands are worth it. The program at JWU is more challenging and provides opportunities to work with the leaders in cooking worldwide. Now that I am sure of my choice to discover all there is to know about food, it makes Sinclair (my current school) feel like a trial round. I was exposed to elements of the hospitality industry, I worked in it for next to nothing, and I found that beside the chance of being successful I chose something I absolutely adore. It wouldn’t matter to me if I don’t land my dream job because cooking is hands down my greatest passion.

I was talking about change before. The old saying “follow your nose” is appropriate when selecting a university. Sometimes, you cannot afford to miss out on life changing opportunities. So whether or not I’ve made my mind up for good, I would rather consider the possibilities than blindly continue in the same direction.


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