Shirtless or Truck

So in an attempt to further spread out my affection for men, there a two others I would consider dating. My little sister has a friend with an all around good-looking family. She recently introduced me to one of her older brothers. I don’t feel like making up more names for all these men in my life. I will probably start confusing myself about who is who. We will simply call him, “Shirtless.” Shirtless is very tall I am guessing 6 ft 5in or so. He has rather larger lips then I am accustomed to, but they fit with the rest of his features. He apparently walks around in his house without a shirt on, something I have yet to witness, but hopefully there will be some more opportunities! I confess I don’t know much about him but if I got along with him as well as the rest of his family I think we would be quite cute together.

The second hunk is at work. He is the front-end night manager. I haven’t been working at night much but he is always nice and makes small talk when we work on the same night. Unfortunately, he is going to school in Indiana, I seem to have an issue with liking all the men who aren’t regularly in the area.  I guess long-distance boyfriends could be nice, you don’t have to be around them all the time. I will call this cutie “Truck” because I recently noticed he drives a red pickup. This is kind of a turn on to me, I like the idea of men who drive trucks, not semi’s, you know the one’s that creep on you while you’re driving, just the normal sized 150’s.

Owen seems like the most suited to me overall. Although if any of the men I’ve listed over the last month were to ask me out I would probably say yes. Owen is the only one who will be in the city when school starts. He is also very much my type. I don’t know a lot about him but I kind of like that there would be things to talk about. I read my horoscope for September from Cosmo and it stated I should give a guy in a coffee shop my number, I might have to do that. You know after I get over myself and take a little risk once in a while. You can’t expect things to just happen, sometimes they do and that’s great, but sooner or later decisions have to be made. I cannot just sit back and wait for someone to say “hey, wouldn’t that be nice if we started dating.” I’m pretty sure this only happens to me with people I am not interested in dating. God might be suggesting that I get a move on. Anyway, please keep me in your thoughts when you start to wonder if you are the only girl (or boy) on the planet who hasn’t magically fallen in love. There can’t be any magic if you are too afraid to cast a spell.


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