Stained Sin

Smoke-stained sin
Will one day bleed you dry
Don’t watch the horrified women
Who stand by you and spit in your face
Because you have a filthy history of ruining their lives
I’ve seen rainier days
They drench me in disgust
When I think back on those darker events
Rinse your dirty so-called-fame
It will soon be just a dried up flame
You hear the anguish in my voice
Well that was your first clever perception
You have missed that now is an advisable time to leave
Suck out your poison words
That fooled me too long
And still echo, trying to make me stay
You’ll have to lick your own wounds now
Or sacrifice another innocent victim
Fall on your knees
Worship someone, anyone you want to believe
No one believes in you
Even the ones who created your unclean existence
You can’t talk with me anymore
Because I don’t love you
It’s a shameful thing, I even thought I loved, clearly a mistake
I crush you under my feet
With no remorse for the words and actions
Sorry to break a heartless man
Full of nothing more than smoke-stained sins.

3 responses to “Stained Sin”

  1. From someone you’ve recently crossed paths with… Thank you for this poem. I appreciate the time and thought you put into these posts. They are very enlightening. P.S. I loved the swans.

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