Oct 5-12, 2008

Also known as the worst year of my life, Fake Circumstance Actual Events

Oct 5.2008

Today I forgot who I was. I went into a too much of a comfortable position. I am not always sure what I am doing but it works…

Oct 6.2008

I like

Oct 7.2008

I would really like to get some rain in the area today. We have been in a drought since I got in jail. That was back in august. August 31st to be exact. Who else is tired of hearing the same stuff. If I was rain I would be finding out a way to…get out of this whole situation. Instead I get to patient and wait for a gap in-between and fall through the cracks and only then cry out out for help.

Oct 8.2008

Well if anyone asked me to explain the rain that came last night I would not be able to explain it –except to say…I told you so! The rain is not just what I asked for. It was everyone needing it.

Oct 12.2008

We need more rain more than just mist…a bit of hail might help.


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