The Four Sisters

I was blessed to have all sisters. We have formed the closest of bonds and for each flaw or strength I have, it is shared by at least one of my other sisters. Rebecca is the eldest and everyone’s overall favorite. She is the kindest and likes to spend money, much like Hannah. However, Rebecca is not irresponsible, she just understands that sometimes money is meant to be spent and used to enjoy an expensive cup of coffee. Jenna is our protector. She is very good at listening to our problems and showing an objective perspective. Jenna and I share an interesting relationship, even though we fought the most as children, we have overcome our differences. I am the messed up one in the family. I wouldn’t call myself a black sheep but I have dealt with a lot of drama. I have a hard time adjusting to change. I never had the high grades that everyone else did, mostly due to my anxiety over test taking. Now that I have developed better study strategies, I feel the grades have improved quite a bit. My little sister is a different kind of favorite, compared to Rebecca, in our family. She is very witty and bright. Perhaps all her natural ability comes from the time she spent watching all of us. Not only is she a great artist like the rest of us, she also plays the violin well, is proficient in Spanish and her beauty is always apparent. I feel she is more outgoing than the rest of us.

So that sums up my sisters, they all decided on the same college, while I chose something else since a culinary degree is not offered everywhere. I miss all of them now that we are not together as we used to be, but it makes the holiday’s that much more important.

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