I gave Juliet my crotchety 16 year old cat a bath yesterday. Not surprisingly, she did not like this. I felt so bad as she cried and attempted to jump out of the tub. I could feel her little heart racing and I wondered if I was going to induce a heart attack. After I quickly soaked her in water I used my Aveda Shampure Shampoo to clean all the dirt off her. She gets quite dirty since her favorite thing to do is lay outside in the dirt. I managed to finish giving her a good bath despite her incessant whining. Since she is so old I didn’t want her to get sick from being so damp so I used the hair dryer initially and together Juliet licked while I combed her. All the loss of hair nearly filled up the trash, I hope this means that hair will not be coming out in forms of hairballs or a need to vacuum everyday. Although with two dogs I doubt my cat is contributing a noticeable amount of hair. She looks much better and I hope I haven’t brought her any closer to her death.


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