My New Enemy

I had a long day. I worked in the morning and when I got home I wanted to wax my legs. This turned out to be a bit of a disaster. It started alright but after heating up the wax I made the mistake of leaving the wax close to the edge of the sink. Yeah, if you guessed I spilled wax all over my sink you were right. I was reaching for some of the waxing supplies and it went everywhere. Not only was the wax quickly running down the drain and clogging my sink, I had a sticky mess all over my hands that was not washing off despite my valiant effort to disconnect myself from the goo. It took me about a half hour just to get the wax off my hands and I used all of the “after-wax” oil to detach it from myself and the sink. Luckily for me we’ve been needing to get the sink cleaned out anyway so my mama wasn’t mad that I clogged it up. It was almost enough of a fiasco that I no longer wanted to try out the leg waxing effectiveness. But I figured after the hell I’d been through I should at least accomplish what I set out to do. Waxing proved to be almost as frustrating as the spill. It was painful but only initially, and although I tried to keep the rest of the bathroom clean I managed to get wax on the side of the tub and all over my hands I worked so hard to clean only a few minutes before. I found that one of my face washes broke down the wax residue and after a bath to clean up I briefly showered. I am glad that the waxing was so effective but it used what was left of the wax. I don’t see myself waxing my legs on a regular basis, it takes a while and is quite pricey. Also there are red spots all over now which may go away more once my legs are more used to the irritation. On a good note my legs are very smooth since the hair has been ripped out at the roots. There is a satisfaction in knowing my hair won’t grow back quite as fast.

Anyway minus the mess I made I had a relaxing time at home otherwise. Baths always make me happy and my sister is home this weekend. We got pizza, beer and a movie. Actually to be more accurate we got Woodchuck amber cider. It’s delicious and after two bottles I am pleasantly buzzed for the night. Tonight I am going out with some friends so it’s a party weekend. Nice, not having to work on Saturday nights, so glad I work early now. Have a marvelous day, adios!


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