Creative Writing Prompt

Something I wrote in high school, it’s semi autobiographical, with some extra details.

With regret I closed my eyes. Tears rolled down the sides of my cheeks and a mixture of mascara and shiny pink eyeshadow formed streaks. Carefully, I tried to focus on breathing deeply but my body shook each time. Warm water rushed over me as I struggled more painfully for dry air. It was futile, I couldn’t see more than a black shadow that was silhouetted by a dim light in the background. I tried to scream but soon felt a wet hand cover my mouth. I pushed the hand away and then took a final breath as deep as I could. My cries for help died out and everything went black. I felt myself drop to the floor, the hand still gripped tightly over my mouth. I was alone, no one was going to save me and I could only hope the memory would be lost or better yet never happened. Then the pitter-patter of the shower dissolved.

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