I don’t know if I mentioned this before but my mama and I recently moved into a cute new house. Its nice with just the two of us, things don’t get messy as fast as with a big family and we still get frequent visits from my older sister. There seems to be a never ending list of projects for improving the house. It’s completely livable but a far cry from our ideal conditions. Fans/Light fixtures need to eventually be replaced but they work. We still have to paint several rooms including the bathroom, living room, sun-room and my moms room; I also need a second coat on my walls. All the colors are very earthy and zen. Today my sister painted the kitchen floor black, it’s pretty so far but I wish we could walk on it sooner. The wood floors are sanded and refinished and the only place we will have carpet is on the stairs so the dogs don’t fall down them. Our roof is brand new. We also have a great washer and dryer that was most unfortunately not delivered to our house until two weeks after the move-in date, leaving us with few clothes but we were able to wash things at our old house since my dad was out of town. There’s not much more we can do for a while since the money is starting to run low but I love the changes we have made and the next few years are sure to bring more improvements.

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