I started the day early. By 7:45 I showered, ate breakfast, walked Io (one of my dogs), and was on my way to the dentist. Good news, my teeth are in excellent condition. So after being praised for a whole two consecutive days in which I flossed, I hurried home picked up my yoga mat and walked over to Inner Dance Yoga for my Tuesday class. I can’t help but giggle inside when I hear the words “pelvic bowl” or “sacrum.” The deep relaxation mixed with flexibility and a surprising amount of strength for poses starts my day off well. In fact, I think I relaxed too much, I just realized I forgot to go to my therapy session today. Oops! Hopefully, my mom will forget too, she really doesn’t like it when I do that.

So besides forgetfulness my life is good right now. It’s about time to take Io on her walk before I start making dinner. Tuesdays and Fridays are fish nights, it says in most magazines today that you should have fish twice a week so we are trying this out. We also decided pizza for Saturday and vegetarian on Monday. This leaves us with pasta on Thursday and Chicken or Beef on Wednesday and Sunday. It’s the first time in a long time we planned out dinner. Most of high school everyone was so busy we just threw things together and then we had the awful 3 years of lacking a conventional oven so we used the toaster and microwave quite a bit, luckily the stove top was still functional. My mom has been working hard outside all day I would help but…alright I’m not gonna lie…I feel kind of unenthusiastic about the kind of things she is doing and someone has to keep the inside of the house clean. I also have a pretty good excuse not to knock nails out of splintered pieces of wood because I cut my finger at work the other day, it is still quite fragile and I don’t want it to get infected.

I feel that between working about 40 hours each week,exercising a bit, reading and writing a lot and finding time to cook I will have a busy but exciting summer. I confess I don’t require much social activity and too much drains me. As long as I do something once a week with friends I stay pretty happy. Except when I get in a grouchy mood, sort of happened this morning because the shower nozzle keeps spraying water all over the place, I think I am pleasant the majority of the time.

P.S. I learned how to do a head-stand today, its fun.

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