I had to be at work in ten minutes and didn’t feel well but wanting the hours I ventured out. Within a half hour it was clear that my body was going to protest for at least had other plans. So I finished what I was doing and told my boss I needed to leave. They are pretty laid back but I felt bad.

After sleeping until 1pm I am reasonably certain that going home was indeed necessary and although I was starting to feel better I am still slightly weak. So I ask myself how I can avoid this happening again? It is obvious to me that the medicine I take before bed is the key reason for my dizziness and stomach ache. I’ve run into this problem a lot when I work in the morning and concluded eating breakfast is the best way to alleviate the symptoms. This did not work today I had a good breakfast but it seemed to make little difference. The yoga class I took yesterday morning may have also added a bit of achiness. It isn’t a bad ache just the kind where you realize how many muscles have not been used. Hopefully taking my pills earlier in the day will allow me to work well in the next few days to follow. However, it is definitely time to talk with my doctor and see if he can reduce the dosage on my medications.

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