The Three-Dimensional Boyfriend

I know. I am breaking one of my rules. Avoid anything personal. But doesn’t revealing your life in a blog really begin with being personal. In fact, I have decided against posting my real name or telling anyone besides my mother that I have a blog…what I mean by that is, I casually posted a message on Facebook that I was starting a blog but neglected to let anyone know where or what the name was. Therefore I’ve detached myself from the most personal people. So in that sense this is still not personal, thus I in fact have not broken any rules. Yet.

So you might be wondering about this boyfriend. And no sorry to disappoint but I am not actually as exciting to possess one of these but there are some enticing choices.  First there is Jack. As a way to keep the names guarded this is in fact a code-name, just in case any of them start reading it. Doubtful. Back to Jack, not to rhyme or anything… He is beautiful there is not any other way to describe him. Like many of the boys I like, he’s a musician type. Unlike many of the boys I like, he is tall and blond. Not that I don’t like tall people or have anything against blonds but it is uncharacteristic of me to like either of these attributes especially in one man. So he showed up in my life a few months back and to my dismay he has been away to use the term loosely. Okay, on the belief that he probably has better things to do than read my blog I will brave to say that he is out of  the country at the moment. Not for long he’ll be home for the summer. That could be delightful. It could also be a dead end. The later is likely seeing as I am such a coward. Of course I could accidentally send a copy of this blog to him and some other friends with the intention that he see it. I could do something bold, like posting his real name as the title. In fact in a fiction novel we would become lovers and he would marry me and want me to have his children. But get real, at 21 he doesn’t want to get married or have kids. Nor do I. But someday, maybe, only with the right guy.

I was going to unpack all the other men in my life but alas I would never finish. For another day attentive readers.


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