I’ve been working hard the last couple of weeks. My job is mostly composed of making soups and salads for a local specialty grocery store. Nearly all the people who work in my department were on vacation this week so my workload was a little overwhelming. Never-the-less I managed to accomplish most of the tasks which were double the normal amount. I think we could benefit with one more person. I also know I would have less hours where this the case.

More to the point of this entry is that I am starting to map out the places I will be traveling in a little less than a year from now. Plans for my travels require ample research and I want to give myself an itinerary but not become hell-bent on going to every major site-seeing opportunity. Of course my main objective is to record all things pertaining to food.  Within the United States most foods will be somewhat familiar but I will doubtlessly find new unheard of cuisine in the most precocious restaurants.

P.S. I’m excited that we are having so many thunderstorms. It makes me want to stay inside and bake all day then finish up with a nice movie.

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